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Great Bands = Neverending Joy

I've titled a quiet boy who was sitting across from me in B&N yesterday the mystery boy. The only thing we said to eachother was he asked if I was in chem when a girl asked him about a definition he wasn't sure about. I didn't know, but at first I didn't realize his beauty. He had a somewhat of a different look to him. Definately not one of the most popular guys at school. Seemed more like the quiet, slightly drawn back type who watches people most of the time and acts as little as he can so as not to be the center of attention. But he was beautiful in his silent, working ways. I plan on writing a song about him.. and I have to admit part of the reason I went back to B&N tonight because I had no homework in the first place.. was in the off-chance that I may see him again. Oh well .. maybe another time. Itf we are meant to talk, we will. Otherwise, he's been a silent inspiration for me. Thank you, Anonymous.
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