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Life's been crazzzzyyy.
But I am finally posting pictures.
&I'll start commenting more.
I know, I suck. lol =)

uhmm for fun. lol

i like big butts and i cannot lie.

new shirt. hehe

Okay and now short story.. i submitted the pic above to buddypid &they denied it and replied back:
The photo you have provided is believed to be a falsified or fake picture. This does not mean we will not accept your picture. All we require is a "saluted" picture. A saluted picture is a picture of, holding up something with your BuddyPic username and the BuddyPic or BP or BPic words written on it as well. Please make it clearly visible that you are holding this piece of paper so that there is no question. Once this picture has been accepted, you will have no problems submitting other pictures freely.

I find it all pretty amusing. =] Enjoi.
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